Allemagne 1956


Germany was one of seven countries to enter the Eurovision Song Contest 1956, the first Eurovision Song Contest to be held. The German broadcaster ARD held a national final to select two entries to represent the country: Walter Andreas Schwarz with « Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück » and Freddy Quinn with « So geht das jede Nacht« . Neither song won the Contest, held in Lugano, Switzerland.

National final

The German national final was held on 1 May 1956 and was presented by Heinz Piper.

Draw Artist Song Place
1 Lys Assia
2 Rolf Baro
3 Eva Busch
4 Angèle Durand
5 Margot Eskens
6 Friedel Hensch & Die Cyprys
7 Margot Hielscher
8 Bibi Johns
9 Freddy Quinn « So geht das jede Nacht«  1
10 Walter Andreas Schwarz « Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück«  1
11 Hans Arno Simon
12 Gerhard Wendland

There was a rumour that Lys Assia performed the song « Ein kleiner gold’ner Ring » (A Little Golden Ring) in the national final. However, this turned out to be incorrect, as she remembered only that she took part with a song of that title in a German music festival – it turned out that she competed with this song in the German Schlager Festival of 1961.[1]


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