Allemagne 1957


Germany held a national final to select the song that would represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 1957. The winner was Margot Hielscher with the song « Telefon, Telefon« .

National final

The German national final was held on 17 February at the Großer Sendesaal des HR in Frankfurt, hosted by Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff.

Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Renée Franke « Ich Brauche Dein Herz » 18 2nd
2 Illo Schieder « Was Machen Die Mädchen In Rio » 9 4th
3 Paul Kuhn « Das Klavier Über Mir » 17 3rd
4 Margot Hielscher « Telefon, Telefon«  36 1st

At Eurovision

Germany was the host country of the Eurovision Song Contest 1957, held in Frankfurt. Hielscher performed 7th on the night of the contest, following the Netherlands and preceding France. The song received eight points, placing 4th.


Every country had a jury of ten people. Every jury member could give one point to his or her favourite song.