Suède 1961

Sweden chose their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 1961 through Melodifestivalen 1961. The song « April, april« , performed once with Siw Malmkvist, once with Gunnar Wiklund, won. However, none of them was considered acceptable for singing in ESC, so Lill-Babs was chosen as representative instead. In the contest, once more held in Cannes, she finished in 14th place (out of 16).

Melodifestivalen 1961

Siw Malmkvist singing « April, april » at Melodifestivalen 1961.

Melodifestivalen 1961 was the Swedish national final and it was the third time that this system of picking a song had been used. One singer performed the song with a large orchestra and one with a smaller orchestra. Approximately 550 songs were submitted to SVT for the competition. The final was broadcast on Sveriges Radio TV, but was not broadcast on radio. Siw Malmkvist won with « April, april » but Lill-Babs went to Eurovision.


Place Artist1 Artist2 Song Songwriters Points
1st Siw Malmkvist Gunnar Wiklund « April, april«  Bobbie Ericson, Bo Eneby 78
2nd Lill-Babs Lars Lönndahl « Vårvinter » Bobbie Ericson 71
2nd Lars Lönndahl Lily Berglund « Spela på regnbågen » Britt Lindeborg 71
4th Gunnar Wiklund Siw Malmkvist « Vår i hjärtat » Lennart Gröhn 58
5th Lily Berglund Lill-Babs « Stockholm » Bobbie Ericson, Eric Sandström 57
  • ^1 : Performer with large orchestra
  • ^2 : Performer with smaller orchestra

At Eurovision

At the contest, Sweden only managed to get 14th place (out of 16).

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