Royaume-Uni 1962

The United Kingdom held a national preselection to choose the song that would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 1962. It was held on 11 February 1962 and presented by David Jacobs.

« Ring-a-Ding Girl » won the national, performed by Ronnie Caroll went on to come 4th in the contest.


Artist(s) Song Place Points
Robb Storme Pretty Hair and Angel Eyes 5 12
The Brook Brothers Tell Tale 8 7
Jackie Lee There’s No-one In The Whole Wide World 9 3
Johnny Angel Look, Look, Little Angel =6 11
Karl Denver Never Goodbye 4 15
Doug Sheldon My Kingdom For A Girl =10 2
Ronnie Carroll Ring-a-Ding Girl 1 59
Brad Newman Get A Move On 12 1
Rikki Price You’re For Real =10 2
Frank Ifield Alone Too Long 2 26
Donna Douglas The Message In A Bottle 3 19
Kenny Lynch There’s Never Been A Girl =6 11
The table is ordered by appearance.

« Ring-a-Ding Girl » won the national and went on to come 4th in the contest.