Espagne 1964

Spain took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 1964. The country was represented by Uruguayan band Los TNT with the song « Caracola », written by Fina de Calderón. The song was chosen through a national final, while the performers were chosen internally by TVE.

National final

The Spanish song was chosen during the TV show Gran Parada, hosted by Carmina Alonso and Ana María Solsona from Barcelona. It was the viewers that decided the winning song by sending postcards by mail. Each song was presented twice by two different singers. In the final that took place on 18 February, the song « Caracola » performed by Michel and Teresa María, respectively, was proclaimed the winner. After the show, TVE internally chose Los TNT, who had not taken part in the final, to perform the song in Copenhagen.[1][2]

Result of national final

Draw Song Translation First Singer Second Singer Votes Place
1 « Soy » I am Gelu Lorenzo Valverde 201 6
2 « Torero » Bullfighter Lolita Sevilla Luis Gardey 410 3
3 « Olé » Claudia Tito Mora 103 8
4 « La niña del espejo » The girl in the mirror Lolita Sevilla Alfredo Garrido 639 2
5 « Llegaré » I will reach Gelu Tito Mora 243 5
6 « Estrellas en el agua » Stars in the water Lita Torelló Michel 97 9
7 « Todo me da igual » I don’t care for anything Lita Torelló Lorenzo Valverde 321 4
8 « Luz de bengala » Light of flare Lita Torelló Michel 54 10
9 « Caracola«  Conch Michel Teresa María 3,100 1
10 « El niño y el toro » The kid and the bull Tito Mora Claudia 136 7

At Eurovision

Los TNT (as Nelly, Tim & Tony) performed last in the running order, following Belgium. They received a single point from Italy, coming 12th in a field of 16.


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