France 1964

France was represented by Rachel, with the song ‘ »Le chant de Mallory« , at the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 21 March in Copenhagen. The song was chosen internally by broadcaster RTF.

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Rachel performed 7th in the running order, following Austria and preceding the United Kingdom. « Le chant de Mallory » was a distinctive song with unusual lyrics and the sound of a traditional song handed down through generations. As with all the 1964 entries, only an audio recording of Rachel’s performance is known to survive as the video master of the contest is believed to have been lost in a fire at the Danish TV archive during the 1970s. Each national jury awarded 5-3-1 to their top three songs, and at the close « Le chant de Mallory » had picked up 14 points (5 from Monaco, 3 from Austria and Portugal, and 1 from Luxembourg, Spain and Yugoslavia), placing France joint 4th (with Luxembourg) of the 16 entries. The French jury awarded its 5 points to Monaco.[1]