France 1965

France was represented by Guy Mardel, with the song ‘ »N’avoue jamais« , at the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 20 March in Naples, Italy.. The song was chosen internally by broadcaster ORTF.

« N’avoue jamais » became a major hit in Francophone music markets, and remains one of the better-remembered French entries of the 1960s.

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Walter performed 11th in the running order, following Sweden and preceding Portugal. Each national jury awarded 5-3-1 to its top three songs, and at the close of voting « N’avoue jamais » had picked up 22 points (5 from Monaco and Yugoslavia, 3 from Germany, Luxembourg and Spain, and 1 from Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands), placing France third of the 18 entries and maintaining the country’s unbroken run of top 5 finishes dating back to 1957 when full results were first given. The French jury awarded its 5 points to Switzerland.[1]