Royaume-Uni 1965

The United Kingdom held a national preselection to choose the song that would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 1965. It was held on 29 January 1965 and presented by David Jacobs.

The BBC internally selected the singer for the second time. They chose a solo female singer, Kathy Kirby whose looks were compared to Marilyn Monroe. The song was then selected by a jury: I Belong.

Once again the UK came in 2nd place.

At the Eurovision the BBC TV commentary was provided by David Jacobs, whilst Ian Fenner provided radio commentary for British Forces Radio. Alastair Burnet served as spokesperson for the UK jury.


Artist Song Place Points
Kathy Kirby I Won’t Let You Go 5  
Kathy Kirby My Only Love 3 61,993
Kathy Kirby I’ll Try Not to Cry 2 96,252
Kathy Kirby Sometimes 6  
Kathy Kirby I Belong 1 110,945
Kathy Kirby One Day 4  
The table is ordered by appearance.

« I Belong » won the national and went on to come 2nd in the contest.