Belgique 1968

Belgium was represented by Claude Lombard, with the song ‘ »Quand tu reviendras« , at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 6 April in London. The song was chosen at the Belgian preselection, held on 13 February. Former Belgian representative Tonia (1966) and future participant Nicole Josy (1973, as one half of Nicole & Hugo) also took part.


French-language broadcaster RTB was in charge of the 1968 Belgian selection. Available details of the final are sketchy. The venue and host are unknown, and while it is known that voting was by five regional juries, it is unclear whether individual jury votes were announced on screen during the show, or if a full ranking of the songs was released; currently only the top two placings are known.[1]

13 February 1968
Draw Artist Song Place
1 Claude Lombard « Quand tu reviendras«  1
2 Nicole Josy « À la Nouvelle-Orléans »
3 Serge Davignac « La boîte à musique » 2
4 André Brasseur « Écoute le vent »
5 Eddy Pauly « Et je crie »
6 Delphine « Quand un garçon vous écrit »
7 Tonia « Il y avait »
8 Jean Delsart « Toi »
9 Rosy Dany « Une tête renversée »
10 Nathalie « Goutte à goutte »

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Lombard performed 3rd in the running order, following the Netherlands and preceding Austria. At the close of the voting « Quand tu reviendras » had received 8 points (3 from Italy and 1 apiece from Finland, France, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Kingdom), placing Belgium joint 7th (with Monaco and Yugoslavia) of the 17 participating countries. The Belgian jury awarded 6 of its 10 points to France.[2]