Italie 1968

Italy was represented by Sergio Endrigo, with the song ‘ »Marianne« , at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 6 April in London. As in 1967, Italian broadcaster RAI chose one of the winning singers from that year’s Sanremo Music Festival as their performer but with a different song from that with which they had won the festival.

Although « Marianne » failed to make a great impression on the national juries at Eurovision, it caught the attention of the United Kingdom‘s representative Cliff Richard, who later in the year would take an English-language version into the UK Top 30.

At Eurovision

On the night of the contest Endrigo performed 11th in the running order, following France and preceding the United Kingdom. « Marianne » was a lilting, melodic midtempo song and rather different in style from most previous Italian entries. At the close of voting « Marianne » had received 7 points (2 each from Spain, Switzerland and Yugoslavia, and 1 from Portugal), placing Italy 10th of the 17 entries.[1]