Royaume-Uni 1974

The United Kingdom held a national preselection to choose the song that would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. It was held on 23 February 1974 and presented by Jimmy Savile.[1]

Ballad « Long Live Love » went on to tie for 4th place in the contest, the UK would win two years later, for a third time.

The Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast live on BBC 1 with sports presenter David Vine undertaking the television commentary, whilst Terry Wogan returned to providing the radio commentary on BBC Radio 2. British Forces Radio also provided a broadcast with commentary provided by Richard Astbury.


Artist Song Place Points
Olivia Newton-John Have Love, Will Travel 4 15,266
Olivia Newton-John Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy 5 5,905
Olivia Newton-John Long Live Love 1 27,387
Olivia Newton-John Someday 6 5,520
Olivia Newton-John Angel Eyes 2 18,108
Olivia Newton-John Hands Across The Sea 3 15,365
The table is ordered by appearance.

« Long Live Love » won the national and went on to tie for 4th in the contest.


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