Belgique 1976

Belgium was represented by Pierre Rapsat, with the song ‘ »Judy et Cie« , at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 3 April in The Hague. Rapsat was the winner of the Belgian national final for the contest, held on 21 January.


French-language broadcaster RTB was in charge of the selection of the Belgian entry for the 1976 Contest. Five songs competed in the final (the venue and host are currently unknown). Voting was by a jury consisting of « experts » and members of the public: it is not known whether the full ranking was given, or just the winner announced.[1]

Final – 21 January 1976
Draw Artist Song Place
1 Delizia « Monsieur, chante pour moi »
2 Didier Vincent « Je viens chanter »
3 Le Grand Frisson « La musique »
4 Andrée Simons « H Coco »
5 Pierre Rapsat « Judy et Cie«  1

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Rapsat performed 6th in the running order, following Luxembourg and preceding Ireland. At the close of the voting « Judy et Cie » had received 68 points from 11 countries (including a maximum 12 from Finland), placing Belgium 8th of the 18 competing entries. The Belgian jury awarded its 12 points to contest winners the United Kingdom.[2]

Points Awarded by Belgium[3]

12 points  United Kingdom
10 points  France
8 points  Monaco
7 points   Switzerland
6 points  Luxembourg
5 points  Israel
4 points  Netherlands
3 points  Austria
2 points  Greece
1 point  Germany