Turquie 1981

Turkey took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. The country was represented by Ayşegül Aldinç and a trio named Modern Folk Üçlüsü with the song « Dönme Dolap » written and composed by Ali Kocatepe. The entry was chosen during a national final called Şarkı Yarışması. It shared the 18th-19th place with Portugal within 20 participants with 9 points in Dublin.

National final

The final took place on 14 February 1981 at the studios of TRT, Bülend Özveren was hosting the event. Six songs were submitted and the winning song was picked by people’s jury.

Final – 14 February 1981
Artist Song Points Place
Kayahan « Dostluk » N/A 6
İbo and Group Vize « Nerede o Eski Tangolar » N/A 5
Füsun Önal « Bigudi » 60 2
Ayşegül Aldinç and Modern Folk Üçlüsü « İstanbul İstanbul » N/A 3
Ayşegül Aldinç and Modern Folk Üçlüsü « Dönme Dolap«  87 1
Coşkun Demir « Miras » NA 4

At Eurovision

On the night of the contest Ayşegül Aldinç and Modern Folk Üçlüsü performed second in the running order following Austria and preceding Germany. At the close of the voting the song received 1 point from Luxembourg, 3 points from Jugoslavia and 5 point from Finland. Thus Dönme Dolap shared the 18th-19th place with Portugal. Norway was the last. Turkish jury awarded 12 points to Germany.[1]



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