Belgique 1984

Belgium was represented by Jacques Zegers, with the song ‘ »Avanti la vie« , at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 5 May in Luxembourg City. Zegers was the winner of the Belgian national final for the contest, held on 2 March.


French-language broadcaster RTBF was in charge of the selection of the Belgian entry for the 1984 Contest. The final was held at the RTBF studios in Brussels with ten songs participating. Voting was by a 50/50 split between an expert jury and 500 randomly chosen TV viewers. Only the top four placings were announced, with « Avanti la vie » being declared the winner.[1]

Final – 2 March 1984
Draw Artist Song Place
1 Marianne Croix « En écoutant Mahler »
2 Albert Delchambre « Trainer en ville »
3 Anne-Marie du Bru « Voyage »
4 Formule II « Merci à la vie » 3
5 Martine Laurent « Y’a des amours heureux » 2
6 Jo Lemaire « Hymne à l’amour »
7 Léonil McCormick « Donnez-moi des ailes »
8 Nightforce « Lance un SOS »
9 Franck Olivier « L’amour est fort » 4
10 Jacques Zegers « Avanti la vie«  1

Marianne Croix would go on to the German semi-final of 1987 with the song « Ich fliege zu dir« 

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Zegers performed 8th in the running order, following Cyprus and preceding Ireland. At the close of the voting « Avanti la vie » had received 70 points from 11 countries (including maximum 12s from France and Luxembourg), placing Belgium joint fifth (with Italy) of the 19 competing entries. The Belgian jury awarded its 12 points to Ireland.[2]

Points awarded by Belgium

12 points  Ireland
10 points  France
8 points  Denmark
7 points  Sweden
6 points  Germany
5 points   Switzerland
4 points  Turkey
3 points  Spain
2 points  United Kingdom
1 point  Norway

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