Italie 1985

Italy was represented by Romina Power and Al Bano, with the song « Magic Oh Magic« , at the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 4 May in Gothenburg, Sweden. The song was chosen internally by broadcaster RAI. This was the couple’s second Eurovision appearance, having previously represented Italy in 1976. RAI opted out of the next contest, returning to Eurovision in 1987.

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Power and Al Bano performed 12th in the running order, following Israel and preceding eventual contest winners Norway. As had been the case in 1976, Power’s live vocals were rather hit-or-miss, but overall it is considered[by whom?] the better of their performances. At the close of voting, « Magic Oh Magic » had received 78 points, placing Italy 7th of the 19 entries – the same finish position as nine years earlier. Despite finishing 7th, « Magic Oh Magic » had gained more maximum 12s – three, from Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal – than any other song apart from the winning Norwegian entry. The Italian jury awarded its 12 points to Ireland.[1]