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Denmark was present at the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, held in Bergen, Norway.

The Danish national final to select their entry, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, was held on 22 February at the Danmarks Radio Studios in Copenhagen, and was hosted for the ninth straight time by radio and television host Jørgen de Mylius. Five regional juries across Denmark selected the winning song out of five songs that survived a semifinal round.

The winning entry was « Du er fuld af løgn, » performed by Lise Haavik and composed by John Hatting.

National final

Draw Artist Song Informal translation Points Place
1 Keld and Hilda Heick Mirakler Miracles 14 5th
2 Lise Haavik Du er fuld af løgn You are full of lies 29 1st
3 J.P. West Si’ det er mig Say it’s me Eliminated
4 Lotte Rømer Dig og mig You and me Eliminated
5 Brødrene Olsen Fællessang i parken Singing in the park Eliminated
6 Lecia Jønsson Hvis nu lykken findes If happiness exists Eliminated
7 Kirsten and Søren Sig det som det er Say it as it is 17 4th
8 Lørdagskyllingerne Syng en sang Sing a song Eliminated
9 Fenders Vild med eventyr Crazy about adventure 20 3rd
10 Birthe Kjær Vil du med Would you (join me?) 25 2nd

At Eurovision

Lise Haavik performed eighteenth on the night of the contest, following Sweden and preceding Finland. At the close of the voting the song had received 77 points, placing 6th in a field of 20 competing countries. This high placing was the start of six top-ten finishes for Denmark in the Contest.

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