Slovaquie 1993


Slovakia first attempted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 in Millstreet, Ireland, but were unsuccessful in qualifying.

Slovak broadcaster Slovenská Televízia (STV) selected Slovak band Elán to represent the country for the first time in Eurovision Song Contest history. The song that represented Slovakia in Kvalifikacija za Millstreet was « Amnestia na neveru » (« Amnesty to infidelity »).

At Kvalifikacija za Millstreet

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of Yugoslavia many newly independent countries were formed who became interested in competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. With this large influx of countries the European Broadcasting Union were forced to create a new measure to counter overcrowding in the contest. For the 1993 Contest the EBU decided to hold a one-off countest to select three countries to join the 22 countries already competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The independently recognised countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, took part at the Kvalifikacija za Millstreet which was held at the RTV SLO Broadcasting Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 3 April 1993. Slovakia performed 7th in the running order, following Slovenia. Elán received 50 points for their song and performance, placing 4th, thereby failing to qualify.[1]


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