Estonie 1994

The Eurovision Song Contest 1994 was the second time that Estonia had attempted to enter the contest, having failed to qualify from the semi-final stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 1993. The pre-selection process featured multiple artists for the first time, with Silvi Vrait‘s « Nagu merelaine » being selected by the judging panel to represent the nation in Ireland. In the contest, however, Vrait would place 24th second and last, receiving only two points in the scoring process and only beating fellow Baltic nation Lithuania.

National final

The 1994 preselections took place in Tallinn, Estonia on February 26, 1994, and were hosted by Reet Oja and Guido Kangur. Unlike the previous year, multiple artists entered the preselection show, with ten different songs featured. Pearu Paulus would perform two songs, with Evelin Samuel performing three. Paulus and Hedvig Hanson’s « Kallim kullast » would ultimately be edged out narrowly by Silvi Vrait’s « Nagu merelaine », with Vrait winning the competition and earning the right to represent Estonia in Dublin.

Draw Artist Song Songwriter(s) Points Place
1 Evelin Samuel Unelind Kaari Sillamaa, Priit Pajusaar 73 6
2 Ivo Linna Elavad pildid Reet Linna, Heini Vaikmaa 112 3
3 Airi Allvee Hingemaa Eero Raun, Kalle Koppel 72 7
4 Hedvig Hanson and Pearu Paulus Kallim kullast Kaari Sillamaa, Pearu Paulus, Alar Kotkas, Ilmar Laisaar 147 2
5 Kadi-Signe Selde Miraaz Siiri Siimer 56 9
6 Pearu Paulus Päikese lapsed Leelo Tungal, Elo Kongo 101 4
7 Evelin Samuel Soovide puu Kaari Sillamaa, Priit Pajusaar 69 8
8 Henry Laks Lähedus Henry Laks 54 10
9 Silvi Vrait Nagu merelaine Leelo Tungal, Ivar Must 158 1
10 Tõnis Kiis, Anneli Tõevere and Evelin Samuel Ime Riina Varts, Heini Vaikmaa 86 5

At Eurovision

Having automatically qualified for the final, Silvi Vrait gone straight to the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 in Dublin, Ireland. Her appearance would be Estonia’s first ever in the finals, but the results would ultimately be disappointing, with Vrait placing second last and scoring only two points, which came from Greece). The result would mean Estonia missed out on participation for the 1995 contest.

Points Awarded by Estonia

12 points  Poland
10 points  Ireland
8 points  Norway
7 points  Malta
6 points  France
5 points  United Kingdom
4 points  Hungary
3 points  Germany
2 points  Sweden
1 point  Russia
Points Awarded to Estonia (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point