Bosnie 2006

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 was Lejla by Hari Varešanović. It was selected as the country’s entry by the national broadcaster, PBSBiH. At the European final, it came third, giving the country its highest result ever after finishing second in the semifinal.

The song was composed by Eurovision Song Contest 2004 runner-up Željko Joksimović from Serbia and Montenegro, while Fahrudin Pecikoza and Dejan Ivanović wrote the lyrics that « have a touch of Bosnia & Herzegovina and tell about an unhappy love ». Its visual identity contained elements of ancient national decoration and the rich ethnic tradition of the people of Bosnia & Herzegovina in a modern styled variant.

During the song’s performance at the Eurovision, the on-stage performers were:

  • Hari Varešanović (vocalist)
  • Izudin Kolečić (percussion)
  • Karlo Martinović (lead guitarist and backing vocalist)
  • Nihad Voloder (bass guitarist and backing vocalist)
  • Ksenija Milošević (violinist and backing vocalist)
  • Ivana Čabraja (backing vocalist and accordion player)

Points Awarded to Bosnia and Herzegovina[1]