Tchéquie 2008

Czech Republic chose their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 through a national final, Eurosong, on 26 January 2008. Česká televize internally selected 10 acts to compete in the show and officially presented them at a press conference on 3 January 2008: three of the acts:, Sámer Issa and L.P.B., had competed in the Czech Republic’s Eurosong 2007. On the same day, SMS numbers for the participating songs were revealed and the voting was opened. On 26 January 2008 Tereza Kerndlová won the Czech final with the song Have Some Fun. Tereza is a young singer and was part of the group Black Milk.[1]

National final

Draw Artist Song
1 « Benga beating »
2 Tereza Kerndlová « Have some fun« 
3 Čechomor « Józef, mój kochany »
4 Sámer Issa « Pick a star »
5 L.B.P. « Don’t leave me »
6 Temperamento « Další den prijde »
7 Le Monde « Another chance »
8 Toxique « Two Sides »
9 Iva Frühlingová « Partir et revenir »
10 Daniel Nekonecný « Holiday »

At Eurovision

Tereza Kerndlova was a special guest at the Ukrainian nation selection, where she promoted the Czech entry.[2] The Czech Republic took part in the second semi-final on 22 May 2008. She placed second-last, getting nine points: five from Macedonia, two from Croatia, one from Malta and one from Turkey.

Points Awarded by Czech Republic[3]

Points Awarded to Czech Republic (Semi-Final 2)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


For the 2008 contest the commentator for the Czech Republic was Kateřina Kristelová.[4]

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